Research Center Machine Learning

Spoken Dialog Systems

Conversational agents occur in more and more areas of our everyday and professional lives. For companies, they offer great potential as they facilitate human-machine interaction in demanding work environments or offer novel services to customers. Fraunhofer develops speech-driven dialog systems with a focus on domain-specific application in business or in industry. Combining state-of-the-art components for Speech Recognition, Question Answering, and Speech Synthesis, our technologies address particular challenges and needs of enterprises and B2B applications. Moreover, these technologies “made in Germany” ensure technological sovereignty as data can be stored and processed within secure data spaces. “Informed Machine Learning” methods make sure that the systems can even be trained on small data sets. In cooperation with Volkswagen AG, a first research prototype has been developed and demonstrated to the public

The dialog system’s main components are: Speech Recognition, Question Answering and Speech Synthesis.